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The RefinanceProcess

Should I refinance my house?

Refinancing can possibly save you money on your monthly payments, pay your house off faster or let you get cash for that dream project!

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After your Team Lacey Mortgage consultation you will have the information necessary to move forward to the next step of the refinancing process, getting approved.


Approval is easy and only takes about 15 minutes to complete the application and submit your documents. For the average person required documents include 2 W2s, 2 pay stubs, 2 bank statements and a drivers license.


This step is very important because you will know exactly your price range, monthly payments and down payment. 



Call Team Lacey Mortgage For A Quick, Simple, Easy Consultation

A Quick, Simple, Easy Consultation from Team Lacey mortgage is the best place to start in your journey to refinance your home. You will receive expert advice and information that will help you decide your best options. For example should you refinance for your situation, what will be the benefits, what will it cost, how much cash can I get and what to expect throughout the refinancing process and an opportunity to ask as many questions as you want.  




Lock In Your Rate

The refinance process takes about 30 - 45 days. Interest rates vary and can change daily, so you want to make sure you lock in the rate quoted. 

Once your application is submitted to underwriting your information will be verified.


Just like when you purchased your home, you will need an appraisal to be refinanced. The appraisal confirms the value of your home and how much the lender will loan. 

A home appraisal is done by an unbiased third party. 

The appraiser will determine the value of the home based on the condition of the home, location and comps in the neighborhood. 



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Once the appraisal is completed and the amount of the loan is equal or less than the value of the home, the closing can commence.

You will work with your lender and review all the final closing documents and pay any closing costs that aren't rolled into your loan. If you are to receive any cash from the closing, it will be disbursed after the final documents are signed.



Whether you refinanced to save money or get cash for your dream project, you have worked hard and now it is time to celebrate!

We are so excited for you and hope that you truly benefit from refinancing your home. 

Remember, we are always here for you our service to you doesn't stop at the close! If you should have any questions or just want to reach out to us, please do. We look forward to hearing from you.


Team Lacey


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